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ICCBS > H.E.J. Research Institute of ChemistryFacilities > Laboratories
ICCBS has over 110 laboratories of various sizes distributed in four large buildings spread over 50 acres of land in ICCBS campus. These laboratories are well equipped with research facilities, chemicals, glasswares and other appliances.

Over the years the Institute has acquired sophisticated modern instruments of research worth over US $ 35 million. These facilities make this institute one of the finest in the developing world and at part to major universities of the West.

NMR Laboratories

The modern facilities in this section include state-of-the art eleven super-conducting NMR spectrometers (Bruker Advanced System two 600 MHz, three 500 MHz, three 400 MHz, two 300 MHz)

Mass Spectrometric Laboratories
This specialized unit has over half a dozen high resolution mass spectro-meters (including Jeol HX-110, JMS 600 and Thermojinngen with mass range of over 100,000 amu , LC-MS, LC-MS/MS ).
Protein Chemistry Laboratories
Protein chemistry laboratories have modern tools of research in the field of proteomics and protein chemistry. This includes modern amino acid analysers, protein sequencers, LC-MS etc.
Biotechnology Laboratories
Marine Chemistry Laboratories
Tropical Research Laboratories
Microbial Transformation Laboratories
Enzyme Inhibition Laboratories
Organic Synthesis Labs.
Computational Chemistry Laboratories
Immunology Laboratory
Bioassay and Plant Screening Laboratories
Plant Extract Bank

Other divisions and sections include laboratories for single crystal X-ray diffractomer, ICP, LC-MS, FT-IR, CD Spectrop-olarimeter, GC-MS, Gas Chr-omatographs, HPLCs, Recycling HPLCs, etc.

It is generally accepted to be the best equipped institution in Asia for research in the area of natural products of chemistry. It also includes a well-equipped pharmacology section (with animal houses), plant biotechnology unit and a pilot plant building for work on industrial levels.

Several new laboratories such as enzyme inhibition, plant and animal cell culture and plant micropropagation, antitumor laboratories have been established in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (USA), Abbott Laboratories and others partners.

Other major instruments include a

  • gas phase amino acid sequencer (Applied Biochem),
  • amino acid analyzer (Biotronik),
  • FT infrared spectro-photometer (FTS-65, Biorad)
  • IR spectrophotometers (IR-460 Shim-adzu, IRA-1 Jasco, IRA-302 Jasco)
  • UV spectrophotometers (Shimadzu UV-240, Hitachi U-3200),
  • gas chromatographs (GC-9A Shimadzu, GC-6800 Dani),
  • Centrifugal Countercurrent Chromatograph (PC Inc.) high pressure liquid chrom-atographs (more than 18 different systems including Shimadzu, Waters, Beckmann, LDC etc.),
  • centrifugal countercurrent chromat-ograph (PC Inc.) CD 15 spectropolarimeter (J-600 Jasco),
  • polarimeters (DIP-360 Polatronic-D and Jasco),
  • elemental analyzers (MOD-1106 Carlo Elrba and Corder-MT-3 Yanaco),
  • helium and nitrogen liquifaction systems (Sulzer),
  • cold rooms,
  • large scale pilot plant extraction set-up (Tournaire),
  • glass blowing section,
  • pharmacological testing instruments such as polygraphs,
  • ELISA reader (Molecular Device) etc.
The Institute has been offering an instrumentation service to the various industries, universities, research centers and government agencies (EPA, Customs, etc.) of Pakistan. The spectroscopic services have also been extended to collaborating scientists of various countries such as Bangladesh, Chile, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Turkey, Cameroon, etc

Mass spectroscopic databases, ISI current contents, dictionary of natural products Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) and chemical abstracts on CDs have also been acquired.

The well-subscribed subject-special library of the institute subscribes over 100 periodicals and journals and housed over 6,000 books on various aspects of chemical sciences and related sciences. A broadband radiowave connectivity of 2 Mbps caters the communication needs of the Institute, which include access to ISI on-line databases.

International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences is a part of Digital Library Program which has been initiated by the Higher Education Commission Pakistan. Through this program ICCBS has access to over 31,000 full-text online international academic journals from some of the world's top publishing houses.

In addition, ICCBS have access to many of the world's leading bibliographic and reference databases.

International Center of Chemical and Biological Sciences, University Of Karachi
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