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The newly established National Facility for Laboratory Animal Research and Care (NFLARC) covers an area of 32,057 sq. ft. It is a landmark development in the enhancement of the research capacity of the country. NFLARC has been built in compliance with global standards and provides state-of-the-art facilities for laboratory animal housing, care, and experimentation. The facility not only serves researchers at the ICCBS and University of Karachi, but is intended to facilitate nation-wide researchers to conduct their in-vivo experiments in a safe and clean environment.

The HVAC system of the facility is designed to provide optimal humidity and temperature conditions for the animals, while minimizing the risk of infections. Furthermore, the personnel and material flow with in the facility has been carefully designed to ensure highest animal and personnel safety. The facility includes separate areas for gowning, animal breeding/housing, and animal experimentation. Animal feed preparation is also carried out in-house to fulfil the regular dietary requirements of the animals. The cage cleaning and water supply area is equipped with cage washers, steam sterilizer, and water purification system. Finally, an incineration facility is also available to appropriately discard biological waste.

The facility has dedicated space to house several animal species including, mice (2000), rats (2000), hamsters (100), and guinea pigs (100). A separate breeding and housing area is available for transgenic mice. Additionally, a facility with stringent airflow control and individually ventilated cages is available to house immune-compromised and infectious disease model animals. A unique feature of NFLARC is its Perkin Elmer IVIS Lumina Series III in vivo imaging system which gives real-time analysis of animal models. In addition, a fluoroscope, robotic stereotaxic equipment, and Gait analyzer is also available.

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General questions concerning the ARF will be addressed by emailing at nflarc@iccs.edu.
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