Jamil-ur-Rahman Center for Genome Research

By the advent of next generation DNA sequencing technologies, genome sequencing has become fast, cheap and robust. At the ICCBS efforts are underway to study human genomes from specific population groups of distinct ethnic and geographic backgrounds in Pakistan to utilize this genomic information in biomedical research. The DNA sequencing technologies are rapidly evolving and the field is fast moving from bench to bed side. For this purpose, the ICCBS is establishing a dedicated genomics center as a part of PCMD to strengthen the ongoing molecular medicine research efforts and to train the manpower in this cutting edge area of biology.

The building of the center is under construction through the personal donation of Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, Patron-in-Chief, ICCBS institutions. The next generation DNA sequencer and related equipments have already been procured. Initially the researchers at the center are supposed to sequence few human genomes from Pakistani population. Genome wide analysis will be performed to understand the genetic basis of complex polygenic disorders.​