H.E.J. Faculty

Dr. Syed Junaid Ali

Assistant Professor
Area(s) of Research:
Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Nanomaterial Synthesis and Applications, Nanomaterials for Energy Storage devices, Batteries, and Supercapacitors, Nanomaterials for multifunctional coatings

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Syed Junaid Ali has received Ph.D. degree in Materials Science from Nanjing University, China and completed two Post-doc’s from Nanjing University and Sun-Yatsen University, China. He has five years of post-Ph.D. research experience which includes; Nano-materials for Energy Storage and Conservation devices, Metal-air/ion batteries, solid-state batteries, aqueous batteries, flexible carbon electrodes, Supercapacitors (device), Porous Graphene. Nano-materials for self-healing, switchable surface wettability, super-hydrophobic, self-cleaning and anticorrosive smart coatings for bipolar plates in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC).
He has published 26 SCI research articles in high impact factor journals with total IF=138, Citations=783, 1 conference paper, 1 book, and 1 book chapter. He has been awarded with two international research grants as a PI; 1) China Postdoctoral Organization Research Project Grant-65. 2) International Young Scientist Research Award, International (Regional) Cooperation and Exchange Project, National Science Foundation of China (NSFC).