Microbial Bank


​Microbial bank of PCMD is ISO 19001: 2015 certified with all requirements of quality managements and it is serving as a repository of microbiological cultures for research and development. It is affiliated with World Data Centre for Microorganisms (WDCM). The main aim of this facility is to preserve and provide authentic commercially beneficial microbial cultures as well other pathogen i.e. sensitive and drug resistant microorganisms to research scholars. 

Currently, the bank has 162 strains out of which 83 bacterial strains, 50 fungal strains, and 3 parasites from ATCC & NCTC. Moreover, the bank also has 26 probiotics isolated from fruits and commercially available source. It also have 50 clinical isolates collected from local hospitals. Microbial Bank preserves these cultures by cryopreservation techniques. “Deposited form system” has been introduced for swift access of the strains. Cultures are maintained by using international protocols and procedures.

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