L.E.J. Nanotechnology Center

Development of R&D institutions is extremely important for the sustainable and high quality scientific research culture in a country. Husein Ebrahim Jamal Research Institute of Chemistry (HEJRIC) is striving to nurture such a scientific culture in Pakistan in its own capacity. During the last five decades, HEJRIC has achieved a number of milestones and remains at the pinnacle of excellence and sustained growth. The HEJRIC was established through a generous donation by the leading philanthropist/industrialist Mr. Latif Ebrahim Jamal on behalf of the Husein Ebrahim Jamal Foundation in 1976.

Latif Ebrahim Jamal Nanotechnology Center is being established through another kind and generous donation from the Husein Ebrahim Jamal Foundation in (2016-2018), in memory of its Late Founder Chairman, Mr. Latif Ebrahim Jamal H.I. who worked tirelessly with utmost devotion and dedication to establish institutions of learning in Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education. He had the vision to contribute towards making the youth of our beloved country Pakistan productive and responsible citizen. L.E.J. Nanotechnology Center is the Pakistan’s first Nanotechnology Center of its kind, fully dedicated to the Nanotechnology related frontier research areas such as Nano-medicine, Nano-catalysis, Nano-filtration, Nano-textile, Nano-ceramics, and Nano-glass, etc. Emphasis has been focused on the quality of training of scholars in economically relevant fields of chemical and biochemical sciences, and resources mobilization for the future growth in new and emerging disciplines of material sciences.

L.E.J. Nanotechnology Center is an integral part of the Hesein Ebrahim Jamal Research Institute of Chemistry, International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS).

Mr. Aziz Latif Jamal S.I., Chairman Ebrahim Jamal Foundation, continuing his patronage to the institute, established the Latif Ebrahim Jamal National Science Information Center in 2005. The beautiful building of this Center was constructed under the direct supervision of Mr. Aziz Jamal S.I. (current Chairman Husein Ebrahim Jamal Foundation), able and committed son of (late) Mr. Latif Ebrahim Jamal H.I.

Core Facilities of Nanotechnology Center