Safety & Security

International Center for Chemicals and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) is among the world leading science institutions, striving hard to achieve excellence in protecting people, property, information, facilities and environment. We invite interested parties to provide us their input on our performance relative to this policy.

We expect every employee / student / contractor / guest / visitor of ICCBS to follow the best practices and take responsibility to expose unsafe conditions and environmental hazards, as well as adhere to the following statements of this policy:

1. We are committed to minimize pollution, waste and resource consumption at all levels in the organization by recycling, recovery and reuse techniques, as well committed for sustainable operations.

2. We are committed to achieve and maintain full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations related to occupational health, safety hazards and environmental quality.

3. ICCBS is committed to achieve growth in knowledge and continual improvements in environment, safety, security and health conditions.

4. We are committed to maintain open proactive and constructive relationship with our employees, neighbors, and other stakeholders.

5. We are committed to maintain a safe workplace and motivate our workers to perform safely. We take responsibility for the protection of human health within our boundaries and in the surrounding community, subject to adherence of best practices in work place safety and security.

6. We are committed to provide necessary resources for training and awareness, for effective systems and programs to accomplish specific goals, and objectives, related to health, safety and environment.

7. ICCBS is committed to the prevention of work - related injuries, health hazards and continual improvement in OH &S management and OH&S performance.

8. We are committed to eliminate or minimize risks to personals and other concerned parties, and who could be exposed to OH&S hazards, associated with assigned activities by the ICCBS.

The above cited policy statement are not legal - binding and can not be used against the ICCBS in court of law.