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The ICCBS Technology Park and Technology Incubation Center, University of Karachi provides excellent facilities to start-ups, young entrepreneurs, and research and development units of already established industries. With over 50,000 sq ft of space dedicated for innovative ideas, ICCBS Technology Park and Technology Incubation Center is currently one of the largest incubation center in the country.

Business startup ventures from different sectors have their presence at ICCBS Technology Park most notable sectors are Information Technology (IT), Internet of Things (IoT), Textiles, Pharmaceuticals & Allied industries, Food Technology, Bio-Technology, Chemical Technology, and other key Social, Business, and Scientific sectors of the economy.

The closeness of leading universities and institutes with thousands of students, a large number of expert faculty and PhD scholars makes it an attractive and highly productive startup hub of Pakistan. 

The state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment’s available at the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences makes it an attractive proposition for start-ups and research intensive companies to have offices at the ICCBS Technology Park and Technology Incubation Center.

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