Day Care Facility


ICCBS has gradually seen a considerable rise in the representation of females either working or studying at the Center. By keeping in view the increasing number of female faculty, staff, and students at the ICCBS, Ms. Nadira Panjwani (H.I., S.I.) and the ICCBS management took an initiative to establish a Children Day Care Facility to facilitate their educational and career endeavors. This Day Care Facility provides the care and supervision of children whose ages range from six weeks to thirteen years. Besides grooming and manners, enrolled children are also educated with basic preschool knowledge through poems, solving puzzles, and mock coloring. In addition, the Day Care Facility provides numerous opportunities for children to experience wonder, happiness, and pleasure. The mothers feel confident and secure leaving their children in the Day Care Facility. Thus, the Day Care Facility enables the female faculty members, students, and staff at the ICCBS to concentrate and focus on their work without being worried about their children.